Class of 1959



When we read the names below, we are reminded that life all too often is cut short. Hopefully, we have all learned to remember to live each day to the fullest, without regrets and never go to bed at night angry at anyone or anything. Life truly is too short.

Robert Bragg
Carol Bresnee Pomeroy
Joan Chernalis Dunn
Diane Conti DiGrazia
David Dentz
Marie Harbeck Evans
Alan Hellawell
William Holbert
Barbara Horvath Tector
Thomas Imperato
Kenneth Larson
Patricia Masker Gass
Charles David Megnin
Edward Murphy
Russell Neumann
Elsie Olszewski
Richard Pepper
Barbara Reed Bryant
Susan Tobey
Judy Van Beekum Berge
Ellen Van Lenten Stamilio
Roger Windeler
Gerald Yeomans
Paul Zeman