See our 50th and 55th reunions archive.

OLD NEWS-NOTICE: The Class of 1959, has with deep regret, decided not to continue with a joint reunion this year.

NEW NEWS- We're having so much fun discussing what our reunion will look like, we thought you would like to join us at the Barn in Wyckoff where our 1959 Cougars are going on a mission.
We will be forming a Search Party. WHY you may ask? Remember the names we carved on those tables? Well……are they still there? Who knows? We're going to solve a mystery!!!!
While everyone is enthused,
it is possible we'll migrate onto a discussion of our upcoming reunion next year.
Attendees will be seated at a table and must order a dinner. All will receive a separate check.
If attending, Please contact, or (201-891-1484
August 8, 2018. 5PM @ The Barn, Wyckoff.
(369 Sicomaac Ave., exit Russell or Cedar Hill off RT 208)

When more details become available, you can find them here on
Activities or on our Facebook page (Ramapo HS 1959).

Respectively, we remain,
Class of 1959